Laura Prugh

  • Associate Professor
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  • Laura Prugh

    • Associate Professor

    Research areas

    Quantitative multi-species conservation and management; wildlife community ecology; conservation of endangered species and fragmented populations; human-wildlife interactions; noninvasive genetics; predator-prey interactions

    B.A. Biology, Earlham College
    Ph.D. Wildlife Ecology, University of British Columbia

    Laura Prugh is not currently accepting new graduate students. 


    • ESRM 150 | Wildlife in the Modern World (5) - Autumn
    • ESRM 351 | Wildlife Research Techniques (5) - Spring

    Current Sponsored Projects

    Selected publications

    Montgomery, RA, RJ Moll, E Say-Sallaz, M Valeix, LR Prugh. 2019. A tendency to simplify complex systems. Biological Conservation 233: 1-11  Link

    Prugh, LR, KJ Sivy, PJ Mahoney, TR Ganz, MA Ditmer, M van de Kerk, SL Gilbert, RA Montgomery. 2019. Designing studies of predation risk for improved inference in carnivore-ungulate systems. Biological Conservation 232: 194-207  Link

    Joshua B. Grinath, Nicolas Deguines, Laura R. Prugh, Justin S. Brashares, John Chesnut, and Katharine N. Suding. 2018. Animals alter precipitation legacies: trophic and ecosystem engineering effects on plant community temporal dynamics. Journal of Ecology 106: 1454-1469 doi: 10.1111/1365-2745.12936  Link

    Laura R. Prugh, Nicolas Deguines, Joshua B. Grinath, Katherine N. Suding, William T. Bean, Robert Stafford, and Justin S. Brashares. 2018. Ecological winners and losers of extreme drought in California. Nature Climate Change 8: 819-824 doi: 10.1038/s41558-018-0255-1  Link

    Sivy, KJ, C Pozzanghera, K Colson, M Mumma, LR Prugh. 2018. Apex predators and the facilitation of resource partitioning among mesopredators. Oikos 127: 607-621 doi: 10.1111/oik.04647  Link