Phillip Levin

  • Professor of Practice
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  • Phillip Levin

    • Professor of Practice

    Research areas

    Interdisciplinary conservation science, ecosystem-based natural resource management, marine and coastal conservation biology, marine ecology

    B.A., Zoology, University of Texas
    Ph.D., Zoology, University of New Hampshire


    • ESRM 300 | Sustainability Seminar (2) - Winter

    Current Sponsored Projects

    • Integrated Vulnerability Assessment for West Coast Fishing Communities
      This project will address 2 research questions: 1. Given climate change, what is the vulnerability of fishing communities and ecosystems along the US Pacific Coast under status quo management? 2 What management strategies would most effectively reduce vulnerability and perceived risk to both fishing communities and ecosystem structure and function?

    Selected publications

    IC Kaplan, TB Francis, AE Punt, LE Koehn, E Curchitser, F Hurtado-Ferro, …2019. A multi-model approach to understanding the role of Pacific sardine in the California Current food web. Marine Ecology Progress Series 617: 307-321.

    C Dawson, PS Levin. 2019. Moving the ecosystem-based fisheries management mountain begins by shifting small stones: A critical analysis of EBFM on the US West Coast. Marine Policy 100: 58-65.

    KN Marshall, LE Koehn, PS Levin, TE Essington, OP Jensen, …2018. Inclusion of ecosystem information in US fish stock assessments suggests progress toward ecosystem-based fisheries management. ICES Journal of Marine Science 76(1): 1-9.

    R Voss, MF Quaas, JO Schmidt, MT Stoeven, TB Francis, PS Levin, …2018. Quantifying the benefits of spatial fisheries management–An ecological-economic optimization approach. Ecological Modeling 385: 165-172.

    AE Punt, DK Okamoto, AD MacCall, AO Shelton, DR Armitage, JS Cleary, …2018. When are estimates of spawning stock biomass for small pelagic fishes improved by taking spatial structure into account? Fisheries Research 206: 65-78.