Renata Bura

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  • Renata Bura

    • Professor

    Research areas

    My research focuses on:

    • Fractionation of biomass into cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin
    • Bioconversion of lignocellulosic biomass such as agricultural and hardwood biomass into biochemicals, including (1) robust pretreatment processes for mixed feedstocks (agricultural and hardwood residues) and Simultaneous Saccharification and Fermentation (SSF) of combined streams (water soluble and insoluble; and (2) steam pretreatment and pulping
    • Improvements of hydrolytic enzymes for industrial applications
    • Role of accessory enzymes during saccharification process
    • High-throughput microassay evaluating enzymatic hydrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass
    • Utilization of yeast and ethanologenic bacteria during fermentation of hexoses and pentoses
    • Simultaneous Saccharification and Fermentation (SSF) for high sugar streams
    • Utilization of algae for biodiesel production

    B.Sc., Applied Chemistry and Biology, Ryerson University
    M.A.Sc., Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry, University of Toronto
    Ph.D., Forest Products Biotechnology, University of British Columbia

    Bioconversion of lignocellulosic biomass; biomaterials from lignin and plant components


    • BSE 101 | Biomass, Biofuels, and Bioproducts (5) - Summer
    • BSE 406 | Natural Products Chemistry (5) - Autumn
    • BSE 420 | Bioresource Engineering I (4) - Winter
    • BSE 497 | Pulp and Paper Internship (1) - Spring, Autumn

    Selected publications

    Dou, C., Ewanick, S., Bura, R., and Gustafson, R. 2015. Post-treatment mechanical refining as a method to improve overall sugar recovery of steam pretreated hybrid poplar. Bioresource Technology 207: 157-167.  Link

    Morales-Vera, R., Bura, R., and Gustafson, R. 2015. Handling heterogeneous hybrid poplar particle sizes for sugar production. Biomass and Bioenergy 91: 126-133.  Link

    Bura, R, Ewanick, S., and Gustafson R. 2012. Assessment of Arundo donax (Giant reed) as feedstock for conversion to ethanol. TAPPI Journal 11(13): 59-66.  Link

    Ewanick, S., Thompson, W., Marquardt, B., and Bura, R. 2012. Real-time understanding of lignocellulosic bioethanol fermentation by Raman spectroscopy. Biotechnology and Bioengineering 6: 28-33.  Link

    Vajzovic, A., Bura, R., Kohlmeier, K., and Doty L.S. 2012. Novel endophytic yeast Rhodotorula mucilaginosa strain PTD3 II: production of xylitol and ethanol in the presence of inhibitors. Journal of Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology 39(10): 1453-1463.  Link