Sally Brown

  • Research Professor
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  • Sally Brown

    • Research Professor

    Research areas

    In situ remediation of soils; Use of biosolids; phytoremediation of heavy metals

    B.A., Political Science, Williams College
    M.S., Agronomy, University of Maryland
    Ph.D., Agronomy, University of Maryland

    Current Sponsored Projects

    Selected publications

    R Singer, S Brown. (2018). Impact of Soil Filtration on Metals, Nutrients, and Estrogenic Activity of Reclaimed Water. Journal of Environmental Quality 47(6), 1504-1512.  Link

    MAS Laidlaw, GM Filippelli, S Brown, J Paz-Ferreiro, SM Reichman, …(2017). Case studies and evidence-based approaches to addressing urban soil lead contamination. Applied Geochemistry 83, 14-30.  Link

    J Morris, S Brown, M Cotton, HS Matthews. (2017). Life-cycle assessment harmonization and soil science ranking results on food-waste management methods. Environmental Science & Technology 51(10), 5360-5367.  Link

    R Cantarero, P Richter, S Brown, L Ascar, I Ahumada. (2017). Effects of applying biosolids to soils on the adsorption and bioavailability of 17α-ethinylestradiol and triclosan in wheat plants. Environmental Science and Pollution Research 24(14), 12847-12859.  Link

    JG Jay, S Brown. (2017). Developing Biosolids Based Bioretention Soils for Green Stormwater Infrastructure. Proceedings of the Water Environmental Federation 2017(1), 297-301.  Link

    Wijesekara, H., N.S. Bolan, M. Vithanage, Y.Xu, S. Mandal, S.L. Brown, G.M. Hettiarachchi, G.M. Pierzynski, L. Huang, Y. S. Ok, M.B. Kirkham, C. Saint. A. Surapaneni. 2016. Utilization of biowaste for mine spoil rehabilitation. Advances in Agronomy 138:97-173.  Link