Soo-Hyung Kim

  • Professor
    • 206-616-4971
  • Soo-Hyung Kim

    • Professor

    Research areas

    B.S., Agronomy, Seoul National University
    M.S., Agronomy, Seoul National University
    Ph.D., Ecology, University of California, Davis

    Soo-Hyung Kim is currently accepting M.S. and Ph.D. students.


    • ESRM 411 | Plant Propagation (3) - Spring
    • ESRM 478 | Plant Ecophysiology (5) - Winter
    • SEFS 508 | Plant Process and Systems Modeling (3) - Autumn

    Current Sponsored Projects

    Selected publications

    H Rho, M Hsieh, SL Kandel, J Cantillo, SL Doty, SH Kim. 2018. Do Endophytes Promote Growth of Host Plants Under Stress? A Meta-Analysis on Plant Stress Mitigation by Endophytes. Microbial Ecology 75(2): 407-418.  Link

    AA Arsovski, JE Zemke, BD Haagen, SH Kim, JL Nemhauser. 2018. Phytochrome B regulates resource allocation in Brassica rapa. Journal of Experimental Botany 69(11): 2837-2846.  Link

    Rho H, Van Epps V, Wegley N, Doty SL, Kim S-H (2018) Salicaceae Endophytes Modulate Stomatal Behavior and Increase Water Use Efficiency in Rice. Frontiers in Plant Science 9, 188.  Link

    Yun K, Hsiao J, Jung M-P, Choi I-T, Glenn DM, Shim K-M, Kim S-H (2017) Can a multi-model ensemble improve phenology predictions for climate change studies? Ecological Modelling 362, 54-64.  Link

    Jeong JH, Resop JP, Mueller ND, Fleisher DH, Yun K, Butler EE, Timlin DJ, Shim K-M, Gerber JS, Reddy VR, Kim S-H (2016) Random forests for global and regional crop yield predictions. PLoS ONE 11(6), e0156571.  Link