Van Kane

  • Research Assistant Professor
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  • Van Kane

    • Research Assistant Professor

    Research areas

    Ecosystem science; Forest structure

    B.A., General Arts and Sciences, The Pennsylvania State University
    Ph.D., Ecosystem Analysis, University of Washington

    Current Sponsored Projects

    • Multi-scale tools to interactively design and visualize treatment alternatives
      The University of Washington is completing a USDA Forest Service-funded project that develops the methods to identify reference conditions and to use airborne lidar data to plan restoration projects. These methods will be demonstrated for specific case studies but will not develop general tools that can be readily used by the wider research and forest management communities. This project will be a joint effort by the University of Washington, the Pacific Northwest Research Station, and the Region 5 Remote Sensing Laboratory to create a set of databases and tools that make these methods available for use throughout the Sierra Nevada.
    • The size and abundance of tall trees clumps are associated with optimal California spotted owl habitat?
      In this project, UW will analyze data layers provided by the US Forest Service to determine the characteristics of used owl habitat and map the location and abundance of similar habitat in four Sierra Nevada areas with lidar data.
    • Using advanced remote sensing for estimating woody shrub biomass: a pilot study in the Susitna-Copper inventory unit of interior Alaska
      The project funded by this grant will analyze the field and remote sensing data. Specific products will include an analysis of which remote sensing metrics best detect shrub presence and which remote sensing products best predict shrub biomass. The models developed from the previous step will then be applied to the full area of G-LiHT data to analyze patterns of shrub biomass within the context of the biophysical environment.
    • King County and University of Washington Forestry Management Partnership
      Projects will include writing forest stewardship plans, assessing forests management needs, conducting public outreach, researching and developing customized management strategies, designing and implementing forest stewardship projects, and monitoring of past treatments.

    Selected publications

    Kennedy RE, Ohmann J, Gregory M, Roberts H, Yang Z, Bell DM, Kane V, Hughes MJ, Cohen WB, Powell S, Neeti N, Larrue T, Hooper S, Kane J, Miller DL, Perkins J, Braaten J, Seidl R, 2018. An empirical, integrated forest biomass monitoring system. Environmental Research Letters 13(2).

    North MP, Kane VR, Asner GP, Berigan W, Churchill DJ, Conway S, Gutiérrez RJ, Jeronimo S, Keane J, Koltunov A, Mark T, Moskal LM, Munton T, Peery Z, Ramirez C, Sollmann R, White A, Whitmore S. 2017. Cover of tall trees best predicts California spotted owl habitat. Forest Ecology and Management 405: 166-178 doi: 10.1016/j.foreco.2017.09.019

    Lydersen JM, Collins BM, Brooks ML, Matchett JR, Shive KL, Povak NA, Kane VR, Smith DF. 2017. Evidence of fuels management and fire weather influencing fire severity in an extreme fire event. Ecological Applications 7: 2013-2030 doi: 10.1002/eap.1586

    Stavros EN, Tane Z, Kane VR, Veraverbeke S, McGaughey RJ, Lutz JA, Ramirez C, Schimel D. 2016. Unprecedented remote sensing data over the King and Rim Megafires in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. Ecology 97(11): 3244 doi: 10.1002/ecy.1577

    Kane, V. R., Lutz, J. A., Cansler, C. A., Povak, N. A., Churchill, D. J., Smith, D. F., North, M. P. 2015. Water balance and topography predict fire and forest structure patterns. Forest Ecology and Management 338:1-13.

    Kane, V.R., Cansler, C.A., Povak, N.A., Kane, J.T., McGaughey, R.J., Lutz, J.A., Churchill, D.J., North, M.P. 2015. Mixed severity fire effects within the Rim fire: Relative importance of local climate, fire weather, topography, and forest structure. Forest Ecology and Management 358:62-79.

    Kane, V.R., North, M.P., Lutz, J.A., Churchill, D.J., Roberts, S.L., Smith, D.F., McGaughey, R.J., Kane, J.T., Brooks, M.L. 2014. Assessing fire effects on forest spatial structure using a fusion of Landsat and airborne LiDAR data in Yosemite National Park. Remote Sensing of Environment 151: 89-101.

    Kane, V.R., Lutz, J.A., Roberts, S.L., Smith, D.F., McGaughey, R.J., Povak, N.A., Brooks, M.L. 2013. Landscape-scale effects of fire severity on mixed-conifer and red fir forest structure in Yosemite National Park. Forest Ecology and Management 287:17-31.