Ph.D., Florida International University

M.S., Delaware State University

B.S., University of Missouri

Research Areas

Predator-prey interactions

Spatial ecology

Marine science


Sponsoring Faculty

Aaron Wirsing

Selected Publications

Kilfoil, J.P., I.R. Pinto, J.J. Kiszka, M.R. Heithaus, Y. Zhang, C. Roa, L. Ailloud, M. Campbell, and A.J. Wirsing. 2020. Using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and machine learning to improve sea cucumber density estimation in shallow coral ecosystems. ICES Journal of Marine Science.

Lagabrielle E., A. Allibert, J. Kiszka, N. Loiseau, J.P. Kilfoil, and A. Lemahieu. 2018. Socioecological changes increase the probability of shark-human interactions around a fast-developing Indian Ocean island. Scientific Reports. 8: 3676.

Campbell, M.D., J. Salisbury, R. Caillouet, W.B. Driggers, and J.P. Kilfoil. 2018. Camera field-of-view and fish abundance estimation: a comparison of individual-based model output and empirical data. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology. 501: 46-53.

Kilfoil, J.P., A. J. Wirising, M.D. Campbell, J.J. Kiszka , K. R. Gastrich, M. R. Heithaus, Y. Zhang, and M. E. Bond. 2017. Baited Remote Underwater Video surveys undercount sharks at high densities: Insights from full-spherical camera technologies. Marine Ecological Progress Series. 585: 113-121.

Kilfoil, J.P., B.M Wetherbee, J.K. Carlson, and D.A. Fox.  2017. Targeted catch and release angling of prohibited sharks: Sand Tigers (Carcharias taurus) in coastal Delaware waters. Fisheries. 42: 281-287.

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