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Winkenwerder 111

Sponsoring Faculty

Beth Gardner



Ph.D., avian ecology



Research Areas

  • Avian behavioral ecology
  • Avian ecology

Honors & Awards

  • National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program recipient
  • TEDx speaker

Current Sponsored Projects

  • Reproductive ecology of the Tinian monarch

Selected Publications

Swift K, Marzluff JM, Templeton CN, Shimizu T, Cross DJ. 2020. Brain activity underlying American crow processing of encounters with dead conspecifics. BehaviouralBrainResearch385:

Swift, K and Marzluff JM. 2018. Occurrence and variability of tactile interactions between wild American crows and dead conspecifics. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B 373

Swift, K.N, and Marzluff, J.M. 2015. Wild American crows gather around their dead to learn about danger. Animal Behaviour 109: 187-197


Kaeli Swift is a postdoctoral scholar in the Quantitative Ecology Lab lead by Dr. Beth Gardner. Her current work focuses on the reproductive ecology of the Tinian monarch, a small, formally listed songbird whose range is restricted to a single island in the Northern Mariana Islands. Kaeli earned her MS in 2015, followed by her PhD in 2018, where she studied under SEFS faculty member Dr. John Marzluff. Her graduate work focused on the behavioral ecology of the American crow, with a special emphasis on their death behaviors. Kaeli is a devoted science communicator and can be found on her blog or on twitter at @corvidresearch.

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