Each year, School of Environmental and Forest Sciences students and faculty receive grants and awards to fund research and work. This page details the awards and grants received by SEFS since 2019:


Title  Principal Investigator Sponsor  Start Date Amount
Strengthening the Development of Timber Identification Technology to Address Illegal Logging of Mongolian Oak and Manchurian Ash in the Russian Far East Indroneil Ganguly World Wildlife Fund 01/02/19 $38,224
Agricultural Lands at Risk of Conversion Luke W. Rogers Washington State Conservation Commission (WSCC) 02/01/19 $124,500
Climate Refugia and Resilience Atlas: Identifying Priority Areas for Conserving Species of Concern in a Changing Climate Josh Lawler U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) 03/11/19 $87,899
King County, WA and University of Washington Forestry Management Partnership Van Kane King County Department of National Resources and Parks 03/22/19 $44,664
Crossing the divide: Inundation drives hotspots of carbon flux David Butman National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) 03/26/19 $250,180
Assessing the Biodiversity and Epidemiology of Common, Understudied, Pacific Northwest Fungi Patrick Tobin Daniel E. Stuntz Memorial Foundation 04/01/19 $5,000
Integrated vulnerability assessment for west coast fishing communities Phillip Scott Levin Pew Charitable Trusts 04/19/19 $319,891
Forest health and risk assessment of the city of Bremerton watershed Gregory Ettl City of Bremerton 05/07/19 $9,230
Environmental and economic assessment of simultaneous production of polylactic acid and lignin-based co-products Indroneil Ganguly U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) 05/15/19 $164,985
Restoration costs for wet vegetation macrogroups Jonathan Bakker Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission 05/21/19 $24,683
Phase II: Planning and Fuel Data for the Fire and Smoke Model Evaluation Experiment and Integration with the Western Wildfire Campaign Ernesto Alvarado U.S. Forest Service 06/16/19 $43,249
Research to Improve Decision-Making Tools for Wildland Fire Air Quality Response and Fire Operations Programs Ernesto Alvarado U.S. Forest Service 06/16/19 $375,000
Climate Change Applications and Implementation in National Forests Gregory Ettl U.S. Forest Service 06/20/19 $127,100
Evaluation of digital aerial photogrammetry data to characterize forest conditions Van Kane U.S. Forest Service 06/20/19 $50,000
Bullitt Foundation – Environmental Fellowship Kristiina Vogt (Fellow: Maria Blancas) Bullit Foundation 06/25/19 $50,000
Transmission Project – Pre-monitoring, Outplanting and Seed Collection Daniel Brown Avista Corporation 06/27/19 $74,804
USFS JVA  Historical drivers of pretreatment conditions on the T3 watershed experiment Bernard Bormann U.S. Forest Service 07/01/19 $20,000
Collaborative Research: Spatiotemporal Interactions Among Biotic Disturbance Agents, Biological Legacies, and Compensatory Responses: Consequences for Temperate Forest Resilience Brian J. Harvey National Science Foundation (NSF) 07/15/19 $324,215
Workshop on Implications of climate change on the Pacific Northwest L. Monika Moskal Nanjing University 08/18/19 $49,925.68
Evaluating camera traps as ground-based remote sensing networks linking snow and wildlife Laura Prugh (Fellow: Catherine Breen) National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) 09/05/19 $110,000
The trickster and its craft: individual strategies of ravens scavenging from wolves John Marzluff National Geographic Society (NGS) 09/05/19 $25,900
Advancing the Public Connections of the North Coast and Cascades Research Learning Center Joshua Lawler National Park Service 09/15/19 $88,298
Fighting Fire With Four Hooves: Effects Of Carnivore-Herbivore Interactions On Fuel Loads And Fire Severity Aaron Wirsing (Fellow: Lauren Satterfield) National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) 09/25/19 $45,000
Maple Syrup Production from Big Leaf Maple Trees in the Riparian Zones of Washington’s Forests Indroneil Ganguly U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) 09/30/19 $499,709
Microbial Community Characterization of Pulp Mill Wastewater Treatment Heidi Gough National Council for Air and Stream Improvement, Inc. (NCASI) 10/31/19 $22,00

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