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Graduate students do not need to have funding secured before submitting an application, but if applicants do have a fellowship (i.e. NSF), it should be indicated on the application. Funding is determined prior to an offer of admission and will be outlined in the offer letter. No additional application materials are needed to be considered for fellowship or assistantship funding, and personal funds are not factored into funding considerations for admissions purposes.

PLEASE NOTE: MEH and MFR students do not receive funding from the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences upon admission.

Research Assistant (RA) and Teaching Assistant (TA)

About half of all graduate students within the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences (SEFS) are funded by half-time (50 percent) research assistantships paid from research grants. Some students are funded by half-time (50 percent) teaching assistantships, and the funding type will be outlined in the offer letter. Funding packages typically provide a monthly stipend for living expenses, health insurance and payment for most tuition costs.

Environmental and Forest Sciences Fellowships and Awards

A limited number of Environmental and Forest Sciences fellowships and scholarships for outstanding incoming applicants are awarded each year. The fellowship is equivalent to a half-time (50 percent) research assistantship for the first academic year.

In addition, the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences director’s office supports graduate student travel to national conferences, seminars, and professional meetings.Learn more on the Graduate Student Travel Awards page.

External Financial Support

Some applicants may receive financial support from their agency or employer, or they may be international students with scholarships from their home countries. In these cases, applicable external funding is normally used before any internal Environmental and Forest Sciences funding.

Other Funding Sources

Students are strongly encouraged to apply for non-Environmental and Forest Sciences grants, fellowships and scholarships before and during their time in Environmental and Forest Sciences.

  • The UW Graduate School provides additional information about fellowships and assistantships and other funding opportunities, including external awards.
  • is a resource for federal funding opportunities.

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