Russell Kramer
SEFS graduate student Russell Kramer conducting field research in a forest canopy.

Below are resources that graduate students in the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences may find helpful:

General Information

Planned 400/500 level courses in SEFS 2020-2021

Graduate Student Handbook 2020-2021 (Revised 10/9/2020)
This graduate student handbook provides essential information about the requirements and policies of School of Environmental and Forest Sciences graduate programs. Students are expected to consult their supervisory committee, the UW Graduate School website and the Environmental and Forest Sciences Student and Academic Services Office if they have questions.

SEFS Graduate Student Mentoring Resources
This document provides suggested Steps Toward Effective Mentorship Relationships, a template for General Degree Timeline, and questions to guide Annual Review conversations.

Building Information
This page contains information on building safety, keys, office space, room reservations, and other valuable information that may be useful while working and studying at Environmental and Forest Sciences.

Environmental and Forest Sciences Graduate Student Symposium
We hold a student-organized Graduate Student Symposium each spring. The symposium is an opportunity for students to present their research or projects and receive feedback from faculty and other students. Undergraduates may submit posters to be included in the symposium poster session as well.

ResearchWorks Archive – Forestry Theses Collection
Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy students are required to publish their research at UW Libraries using ResearchWorks, the electronic publications archive which holds both recent and historical theses and dissertations. Master of Environmental Horticulture and Master of Forest Resources students may also produce publications as part of their degrees.

Graduate Course Descriptions

School of Environmental and Forest Sciences
Course Catalog for ESRM Courses
Course Catalog for SEFS Courses
Graduate students may take both 400-level ESRM courses, or our 500-level School of Environmental and Forest Sciences graduate courses. Some ESRM courses have joint graduate versions to ensure space is available for graduate students. If there is no space in an ESRM course, check the Environmental and Forest Sciences course in the time schedule. Consult your faculty supervisor or School of Environmental and Forest Sciences Student Services for help with coursework that will meet degree requirements.


The program of study form is required for each graduate student in the first year. Students enter courses they have taken and courses they plan to take to meet their degree requirements. This document is signed by the graduate student committee and kept on file by Environmental and Forest Sciences Student Services.
M.S. Program of Study Form
M.E.H. Program of Study Form
M.F.R. Program of Study Form
Ph.D. Program of Study Form

Graduate Program Requirement Petition Form
The Graduate Program Requirement Petition Form may be used to substitute course requirements for graduate programs.  This form and associated materials must be submitted after the program of study form is completed and before the course requirement is needed.

Ph.D. Qualifying Exam Form
The Qualifying Exam form is for Ph.D. students, to provide committee approval of a qualifying exam to be taken in the second year of study, prior to the general exam.

Graduate Student Faculty Advisers and Committees

To set up or change your adviser or committee in the UW system, please review the important rules for SEFS Graduate committees below, then email Liz Collier at

Academic Student Employees (ASEs)

Academic Student Employees (ASEs) at the University of Washington are governed by a contract between the University of Washington and UAW. Details of the contract may be found at UAW Academic Student Employees (ASEs) Contract. Salaried positions at SEFS, such as research assistants (RAs) or teaching assistants (TAs), are paid at the base rates in the graduate student salary schedules, according to the graduate student’s degree level. Pay rates for hourly ASE positions such as readers/graders are $24 per hour.

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