The School of Environmental and Forest Sciences Director’s Office supports graduate student travel to national conferences, seminars, and professional meetings. This funding is meant to supplement, not replace, research grant funding and the Graduate Student Conference Travel Awards available from the Graduate School. There are deadlines associated with this funding, which must be met for all travel funding requests. In addition, there is travel funding available from the College of the Environment and the Graduate and Professional Student Senate, both described below.

Director’s Office Funding

Funds may be available to help current students defray conference registration and travel costs. Funds are limited, and priority is given to students who are:

  • Presenting a paper or poster, receiving an award, or performing a significant administrative role (e.g., conference manager) at a major conference or meeting;
  • Currently enrolled in the SEFS graduate program;
  • Publishing a paper in conference proceedings;
  • Awarded matching funds from GSFEI, research grants, or other sources;
  • Without access to grant or other sources of travel funding;
  • Pursuing a Ph.D.;
  • Not receiving previous travel awards in the current academic year.

Students receiving director’s travel support agree to submit a short report for the SEFS newsletter about the event, make available event proceedings (if any), make available to the School a copy of posters presented (if any), and represent the school by taking and distributing SEFS program materials, or other activities identified as appropriate.

Students requesting funds must submit a¬†Graduate Student Travel Award Form. Awards are competitive and subject to availability of funds. The Director’s representative reviews requests and students are notified of funding decisions within one month of submitting a request. Although each request is considered on its merits and is subject to availability of funds, the general guideline for student funding is:

  • Up to $300 of expenses for domestic conferences, seminars and meetings
  • Up to $500 of expenses for international conferences, seminars and meetings

Graduate Student Conference Travel Awards from the Graduate School

Students may be considered for Graduate School funding when they apply for Director’s Office funding using the Student Travel Fund Request Form. GSFEI funds are allocated to the School specifically to assist graduate students to present a paper/poster or serve as an invited speaker at conferences or other professional meetings. Funds may be used for airfare or fares supporting alternative modes of transportation only. Individual awards are limited to one per fiscal year, and priority will be given to Ph.D. and research master’s students. Maximum award amounts are $300 domestic and $500 international. To receive these awards funding, please indicate your interest on the form when making your request for student travel funds.

College of the Environment Student Travel & Meeting Fund

The College of the Environment supports undergraduate, graduate and Ph.D. students in furthering their careers, and in particular in connecting students to networking opportunities afforded by the presentation of their original work in meeting venues. CoEnv supports two types of student attendance at meetings: Individual student travel to meetings and funding for student organized meetings. Funding proposals, whether individual or from a student organization are reviewed on a quarterly basis. Submissions should be planned such that travel can be accomplished within 6 months of the date of the award, otherwise the award may be retracted. Awards will not be granted retroactively for travel that has already been completed – please plan accordingly and apply for funding by the submission deadline prior to your conference or meeting. For deadlines, applications, and procedures, visit the College of the Environment Student Travel & Meeting Fund page.

Graduate & Professional Student Senate Travel Grants

In an effort to help improve graduate and professional student life at the University of Washington, the GPSS Travel Grants Program contributes funds to qualifying individuals’ travel expenses for active conference participation in the US and abroad. This is done in an effort to facilitate and promote the intellectual and professional development of graduate and professional students at the University of Washington, but also to encourage mutually beneficial interaction among students and GPSS senators. GPSS Travel Grants further contribute to the strengthening of the University and its increased prominence in the greater scholarly community through the broadening of students’ personal and academic development through exposure to the work of others elsewhere.

Students whose conference participation might otherwise be unfunded, have strong academic credentials and are making fair progress towards their respective degrees are encouraged to apply. Recipients will receive awards up to $300 for domestic conferences and $500 for international conferences. Active participation (presenting a paper or poster, chairing a session or panel, etc.) at an academic conference is required and proof of acceptance is required with this application. Applicants must have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.2 to be considered.

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