Master of Science (M.S.) students are required to complete a research-based thesis, and course requirements are flexible to support a student’s specific educational and career goals. In addition, MS degree students have the option of pursuing one of two concurrent degrees: the Master of Science (M.S.)/Master of Arts in International Studies (MAIS) and the Master of Science (M.S.)/Master of Public Affairs (MPA).

Students interested in the M.S. degree should contact individual faculty members to request information on current research and graduate opportunities. View the SEFS MS Program of Study Form and more SEFS graduate school forms.

In partnership with the College of Environment, the College of Engineering, the eScience Institute, EarthLab and the Freshwater Initiative at UW, SEFS is excited to offer a unique training and mentorship program called The Future Rivers National Research and Training Program (Future Rivers NRT). Interested graduate applicants should apply to both the graduate program (M.S. or Ph.D.) by Dec. 1, 2019 and to the Future Rivers NRT  by Jan. 10, 2020 where they may be selected for financial support. Applicants should mention if they intend to apply to the Future Rivers NRT with a brief description of why in the SEFS application material. Additional details and how to submit your NRT application is available on the Future Rivers NRT website.

Prepare and apply to the Master of Science Degree program.

Course Requirements

  • Orientation
    • SEFS 500 (one credit) Graduate Orientation Seminar
  • Social and Natural Sciences Applied to Natural Resource and Environmental Issues
    • SEFS 509 (three credits) Analysis of Research Problems
  • Disciplinary Knowledge
    • 400-500 level: Approved by committee (10 credits)
  • Research Design and Quantitative Analysis
    • 400-500 level: Approved by committee (eight credits)
  • Current Topics
    • 500 level: Topics vary from year to year (two credits)
  • Thesis Research
    • SEFS 700 (nine credits)
  • Electives
    • Other courses or research credits (12 credits)
  • 45 credits total

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