The minor in Ecological Restoration (ECORES) seeks to prepare students to address the complex relationships of human communities and ecological sustainability. The minor is a tri-campus initiative between UW Bothell, UW Seattle and UW Tacoma. Students may, but are not required to, take courses from more than one campus in order to earn the minor.

To receive the minor, the student must have:

  • At least 25 credits as follows:
    • ESRM 362/ENVIR 362 (five credits)
    • ESRM 462, ESRM 463, ESRM 464 (10 credits)
    • Electives, including BIOL 117/317, BIOL 331, ESRM 325, ESRM 411, ESRM 412, ESRM 415, ESRM 425, ESRM 458, ESRM 472, ESRM 473, ESRM 474, ESRM 479, ESRM 480 or FISH 428 (10 credits)
    • 2.00 Cumulative GPA in minor courses
    • No more than 10 credits in this minor may overlap with a student’s major
    • Fifteen credits completed at UW

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