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Applications Open Now! Building A Movement Labor Internship and Scholarships/Fellowships

I am reaching out on behalf of the Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies to let students know about 2 opportunities that are currently open for students to apply.

The Building A Movement (BAM) Labor Internship is a paid internship program that connects undergraduate students at the University of Washington with the local labor movement, through partnerships with community organizations engaged with this work on a variety of levels. 

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Labor Studies Courses: POL S 334 and CHID 480

Spring 2021 Labor Studies Courses
Register Now – Spots Remain Open, But They Are Going Fast!
POL S 334 A: Violence, Exploitation & Exclusion in U.S. Labor Markets
Instructor: Rebecca Thorpe
From racial capitalism to caring labor, students will study how racial, ethnic, gendered and geographic hierarchies create and fortify categories of citizenship and belonging, and how labor is a site of struggle, resistance and solidarity. 

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Research Internships with Para La Tierra

Internships with Para La Tierra
Fundación Para La Tierra, an international award-winning (Rolex Awards, Nat Geo, Rufford, NAAEE, International Primatology Society etc.) research and conservation organization based in Paraguay, offers students professionally supervised internships and placements to help boost their career prospects while contributing to long-term conservation in Paraguay. 

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